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Blessing Box Locations


Alvin Church of Christ

1325 S. Johnson

Area Safe and Lock

2004 S Gordon St

Faith Community Church

620 E. House St.

Grace Episcopal Church

200 W Lang. 

Refrigerated blessing box across from this location

Kibbe Stockwell Properties

206 S Gordon St.

Lexi’s Wings

317 W Lang.


Angleton City Hall

 121 S Velasco St.

Tom's Pawn Shop

417 West Mulberry   


Tom's Pawn Shop

702 N Brooks St


Tom's Pawn Shop

349 E  Plantation


Main St Steakhouse

1802 Main ST

Lake Jackson

Tom's Pawn Shop

105 Oyster Creek Drive


Embrace Wellness & Chiropractic

 4229 Wells Drive 

Farmer's Insurance

5001 W Broadway St

Mauldin Acres

6410 Brookside Rd.

Pearland Pediatrics

2017 Broadway 

Rock of Power Church

4118 Veterans Dr.

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