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HHSBC Focus Areas at a Glance

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Student Hunger

The traditional college experience has morphed into one where single parents with dependents are struggling to put themselves through school and put food on the table. What are universities and colleges doing to combat the growing food crisis amongst college students? To learn what resources Alvin Community College and Brazosport College, both located in Brazoria County, have to offer click here!

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Food Insecurity in the Senior Community

Our senior community is precious to us, and we know the daily struggles they face. Whether those struggles are financial, or caused by a lack of transportation, etc., it is up to the community to come together and provide them with assistance in all aspects of life.

Check out our list of resources for seniors here.

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Community Gardens

Community gardens provide a sustainable source of nutritious food for residents in low-income areas. Working with the local government and the community is a crucial aspect of starting and maintaining a community garden. Through recruitment of volunteers, a community comes together to plant and harvest fresh fruits and veggies, which can then be distributed to those in need.

Read more about our community garden project here!

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The Digital Gap

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted an already existent need for home internet service availability. While many Americans adapted to the virtual schooling of their children, others were forced to utilize local businesses and libraries (those that were open) in an effort to make sure their children didn't fall behind. Children in rural communities especially fell into an ever increasing homework gap created by a lack of reliable internet service. Creative solutions were found, but the problem still remains.

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Rural Communities

Brazoria County's rural communities are more vulnerable when it comes to facing food insecurity. This is because there are few larger grocery stores that contain fresh produce. In fact, the majority of retail locations are dollar stores and convenience stores, neither of which offer nutritious foods. We call these areas of the county 'food deserts.' HHSBC seeks to eliminate food deserts and increase access to healthy, nutritious foods for our rural communities. We also want to create access to other resources that will reduce barriers that cause food insecurity and ill health. Brazoria County's rural communities are predominantly those that lie West of the Brazos River

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